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Why Phone Therapy

Telephone Therapy developed quite naturally as part of Dr. Harris' full-time Psychiatric Practice following publication of How To Get Your Lover Back.  Readers began to call for advice on how to apply the principles he shares in the book to their particular situation.

Over time calls expanded to include relationship work of all types and to the full range of topics encompassed by Psychiatry such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders and behavioral problems.  

Face to Face Therapy may be the gold-standard ideal, but there are certain unique advantages to "phone therapy.”  


It is interesting to note that in its early history, psychotherapy was actually conducted with the Therapist sitting behind and out of view of the Patient.  The idea was that the Patient would talk more openly and more freely without the pressure of reacting to the person of the Psychiatrist.  In phone therapy this situation is approximated.  Without the visual cues, the mind automatically focuses more on the subtleties of intonation of the human voice.  This enhances one’s awareness of the nonverbal information contained in verbal communication which one can then carry into interactions in face to face contact with others.

In addition, phone therapy provides an un-paralleled flexibility in location for the patient who may call from whatever location is comfortable and conducive to talking freely.  Different time zones have to be taken into consideration, but often this is an advantage for the patient may find it more convenient either to call from work during a break in schedule or to call from home before or after work hours. 

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